Episode 23: Nut Butter


  • 2 teaspoonsful honey
  • 1 cup mixed unsalted nuts
  • olive oil (optional)
Special Equipment:
  • Food processor


  • Add the nuts to the food processor
  • Add the honey
  • Let the food proessor run for several minutes until nuts begin to form into a ball
  • Stop the food processor and scrape down the nuts on the side
  • Let the food processor fun for a few more minutes as the oil comes out and the nut butter is formed
  • If the nuts used are old or not much oil is produced, drizzle in some olive oil as the food processor is running
  • Stop the food processor when you have achieved the desired level of crunchiness or smoothness
  • Store the nut butter at room temperature in a mason jar – nut butter should be good for about a week or so